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Established in 1957, Country Club Vodka is a tried and true classic. In the years since the Country Club’s initial arrival, the line of products has expanded and now includes: classic vodka, green apple vodka, orange vodka, black cherry vodka, citrus lemon vodka, gin, bourbon, rum and tequila.

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Established in 1957, Country Club is a tried and true classic. Harry Lipman purchased Country Club vodka and bourbon from Double Springs Distillery, a company that was using a new technique for vodka called charcoal filtering. The idea behind the brand and label, which Harry helped to develop, was based on an aspiration for the finer things in life.

In the 1970s, Robert Lipman repositioned Country Club to compete in the popular price category with Popov and Gordon’s. At this time, Gin also became a part of the Country Club portfolio.



In the years since Country Club’s entry into the marketplace, the line of products has expanded and now includes:

  • Classic Vodka (80, 90, 100)
  • Gin (80, 90)
  • Black Cherry Vodka (60)
  • Citrus Lemon Vodka (60)
  • Orange Vodka (60)
  • Green Apple Vodka (60)




As one of the first advertisers in Middle Tennessee, this iconic brand has withstood the “taste of time.” Today, nearly 60 years after its launch, Country Club Vodka remains a market powerhouse, pleasing palates and pocketbooks from one generation to the next.

The introduction of Country Club Vodka.

Country Club Bourbon becomes a consumer favorite.

A leader in popular priced vodkas, Country Club suggests that it belongs on the bar with friends like Jack Daniel’s, Cutty Sark and Tanqueray.

Country Club continues its “Among Friends” campaign.

Country Club features its core strengths in an advertising campaign that highlights the brand’s value, taste and experience.

The introduction of Country Club Flavored Vodkas.

Country Club labels get a design update, with special attention paid to the brand’s longtime heritage.

In 2013, Country Club launches a new billboard campaign. The racy message causes some to say WTF? #whatthefruit!

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